For our American and foreign friends:

The American dollar is currently worth 1.29 in Canada (Feb 2018) !
To get a fair exchange rate, It is recommended that you convert your USD funds to Canadian cash for your time with us.
Bank machines are widely available and debit is utilized almost everywhere.

A valid passport or enhanced license is required for entry to Canada.  Apply early!

Airport Code for MacDonald Cartier International Airport it YOW.  The airport is approximately 53 miles (83 km) from the show site.

Event Registration Number
All dogs that are foreign born and foreign owned and enter Canada for the sole purpose of entering Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) events will no longer require a CKC registration number, but will require an Event Registration Number (ERN).  To avoid losing your win, the ERN number MUST be applied for within 30 days of the first day of entering a CKC event and is valid for the life of the dog.

Form may be found here under Exhibitor heading:

Dog Show information for Foreign Exhibitors:

N.B A valid rabies vaccination certificate is required for each dog entering Canada and returning to USA.  Please note that the certificate should also reflect ownership of the dog.